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International Business Career Pathways

With the increasing number of global businesses, international business degrees are even more relevant now. Check-out the guide below and understand what it needs to be a successful international business graduate. 

Consider the various fields you can work in:

• Investment and Global Trading
• Marketing
• Sales and Procurement
• Law, Import/Export Regulations
• Translation
• Financial Management
• Public Relations/Communication

Skillsets considered as an asset to your international business degree:

  • Corporate leadership

  • Respecting cultural diversity

  • Professional and interpersonal communication

  • Foreign language proficiency

  • Strategic planning and analytical speculation

  • Compensation

Understand the importance of education and experience: If you want to pursue a career in international business, it is important you have the right experience alongside your education, Education will help you attain a position in a global corp but upward mobility is only possible if you are an asset to the organization in global context which is possible only through experience. 

The competitiveness of a global economy: It is important to acknowledge the competitiveness of the global economy. An international business position is available to candidates across the world. Knowledge of international markets and multiculturism is the key to make yourself a top candidate after graduation.  

What can you do with an International Business Degree?

The below map provides the most common options after an international business. The first two stages are likely to be passed while you are in the university itself!

Click here to see an enlarged version of this map and find more information on possible career paths!

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