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IBSA Buddy Program

2022/2023 Virtual Buddy Program

Due to COVID-19, the Fall 2020 Buddy Program will be held virtually. This will include virtual activities, video conferences and more. This year we are excited to announce we are opening the program up to both Haskayne exchange students and first-year Haskayne international students.


Despite the limitations this year, the buddy program will ensure international students are immersed in the local culture and are able to create lasting connections with other students. 

Image by Matheus Ferrero

Stay tuned for updates and more information to come about our

Fall 2020 Virtual Buddy Program

2019/2020 Buddy Program

Fall 2019


(Grassi Lakes Canmore, Alberta)

Winter 2020


(Bow Falls Banff, Alberta)

What is the Buddy Program?

  • The buddy program creates a welcoming sense of community for international students

  • The buddy program is a system that pairs up a domestic student and an international student

  • The domestic student meets up with the international student on the day of their arrival

  • Acting as a guide, the domestic student will escort the international student around campus and share pertinent information with them (ex. how to use transit)

  • IBSA hosts a variety of social events throughout the semester for buddies to bond with not just each other but other fellow buddies



  • The buddy program will help make international students feel more at home in a brand new country

  • The domestic student will provide a warm and hospitable greeting for the international student

  • The international student will find it easier to live in Calgary with the guidance of the domestic student

  • By joining the buddy program, the domestic buddy will gain a friend from another country that they may not have met without the buddy program.


  • Prior to arrival of the International Student, the two buddies should get in touch with one another (whether it is over email, Facebook, Skype, etc.) and get to know each other briefly prior to arrival of the International Student

  • The Domestic Buddy is not allowed to pick up the International Student from the airport

  • The Domestic Buddy will meet the International Student upon their arrival to the UofC campus and escort them to their dorm room (assuming time is appropriate, if not, they should decide on a time they will meet the very next day)

  • The Domestic Buddy is to provide the International Student of potential out of the city points of interest and destinations (Banff, Lake Louise, Sylvan Lake, Hiking Trails, Canmore, etc.)

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