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"Expand your limits. Go global!"


Our Mission

The International Business Students’ Association (IBSA) aims to help international and domestic students to learn more about international work and study abroad opportunities, expand their perspectives, and connect these students to industry professionals with international experience.

Our Mission

Our Vision

IBSA values helping students achieve their goals of studying or working abroad, the creation of meaningful connections between students and professionals, and the development of our members into forward-thinking professionals.

Our Initiatives

IBSA Buddy Program

Not only do we aid students in their journey of going abroad, we also seek to provide a very important service to the international commerce students coming into Calgary. The IBSA Buddy Program addresses the uncertainty that comes along with entering a new country and culture by pairing domestic students with incoming international commerce students. Throughout the year we hold social events and challenges around the city to familiarize incoming students to life in Calgary.


Winter 2020 Buddy Program

(Banff Buddy Trip)

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